Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Soft Coral

Last Friday, I finally went to Forever 21 in SM Makati to shop for shorts (hello beach) and some coverups. After shopping there, I was supposed to leave but my I had to pick up my mom so I had 1.5 hours left to go around. I read in one blog about the new lipsticks of Bobbi Brown so I went to Rustan's Cosmetics to check them out.

Here's a little background - I've never had a lipstick from Bobbi Brown before. I use their amazing concealer and pressed powder and one palette. That's all. So I was excited to try out their lipsticks. I believe there are currently 3 lines of lipsticks right now. There is the Lip Color which is their original, Creamy Lip Color which is supposed to be long-lasting and creamy and finally the new Rich Lip Color which is long-lasting, bright and very pigmented.

My favorite SA from Bobbi Brown, Bea, wasn't there at the time because she was on break. I was planning on just going some other day but I realized I have no where to go so I decided to try on some colors with Riel (I hope I remember his name correctly). He's super friendly and gives me advice on how to properly put on my lipstick. He even put some corrector and concealer on my undereye. I wanted one of the famous colors which are Bikini Pink and Cosmic Raspberry but both are out of stock so I asked if I could reserve it and he said yes. Yey for that. So there were other colors available and I tried it on. Guess how many tubes I took home? Guess!

Yep, I took home 4 with me and a few samples.

Ouch but worth it.

They look so gorgeous!

The first color I really wanted to try was Soft Coral because I have been in search for the best orange lipstick and I have found it, no doubt!

These seriously don't look impressive on the tube because they look dark or light but when you apply it, it just pops! Seriously, this is even brighten in person. Everyone who saw me said my lips look pretty and I agree! It's very summery and it's not the cheap orange lipstick. Very sophisticated but at the same time very young. I love it!

 I used this color the whole day - from 7AM till 5PM and I only had to retouch twice. I retouched because I want the color to be a lot brighter but if I didn't it would still have lasted for a long time. Plus, it did not come off when I ate and drank. Yey!

Photo from
This is how it looks on Temptalia and the photo is more accurate than mine. This is really how it looks like in person. It's very bright and it really pops! My picture did not give justice to the color of this lipstick. :| I promise to take better pictures next time.

Sooo, I have three more colors to share with you guys so stay tuned!


  1. Nice shade! I might check that out too! :)

  2. You should! It's incredible! :)