Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Cosmic Raspberry

I promised to show you guys the swatches of my new colors from Bobbi Brown but I just got my favorite color out of the dozen which I reserved from Bobbi Brown since they got out of stock the last time I was there. It's Cosmic Raspberry. It's super bright, most pigmented of all the colors I have and it's very long-lasting. No doubt about that. I tried eating and drinking and it didn't fade much.

It not very bright on the tube but very different when applied. I know some lipsticks have very bright tubes but when you apply it, it's either sheer or the color isn't too bright. However, with the Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color collection, it's the opposite, all the colors look boring on the tube but when applied, they pop! 

I tried a couple of pictures and these are the best ones. Just note that this is so much deeper in person. It's perfect for every skin tone. When I had this reserved in Bobbie Brown Rustan's, I asked the SA to try it on me using their tester and I didn't want to take it out. It's just that I had to go to the office in the afternoon and I know this would be too bright for the office. I looove it!

 So much brighter and deeper in person.

Have you tried any of the 12 Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color? Do tell!


  1. wow pretty in pink! i love the color on you! ;)

  2. thanks dear! this is my favorite as of the moment and i dont think it's gona change anytime soon! :)

  3. Super pretty! Lovely shade! :)

  4. i love it! i was planning to get it and trying to read some reviews about bobbi brown lipsticks. thanks :)stay pretty