Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Tennis Shoes from Nike

My five-year old tennis shoes smiled last month and since I don't really fond of sporty shoes, I don't have a spare. I checked out Nike and Adidas stores since they're the most popular. Nike only had 2 styles of tennis shoes while Adidas had more but were too expensive and the no size also. So here are the two styles from Nike which I had to choose from.

This pair might look like a very masculine shoe if you remove the pink detail but actually, when you wear it with a full tennis outfit, it actually doesn't look very masculine. It's actually very nice to look at because all colors are subdued except for the pink details. This is priced at PHP4,995 but are on sale at Nike Glorietta at PHP4,495.

This pair is around PHP1000 cheaper than the first one but the design is very very similar to my broken pair. It's like I didn't buy a new one and the design is too simple.

So I chose the first one and on the same night, I played tennis with it. Of course, new shoes are still a bit stiff and fitted so the first few minutes were a bit awkward on my feet but after some time, I got used to it. This pair is also very light.

While Boyfie was taking pictures of my shoes, of course he has to take a picture of his new pair which was given to him by a friend.

I actually like the other running shoes from Nike, too bad I can't use them for tennis. I wish both Nike and Adidas could come up with more choices for their tennis shoes.