Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ChurpChurp Philippines

Have you heard of Twitter? Well, they're not the same. The best way to explain it is through their tag line: "A community of social media influencers". 

Here, you use your connections to actually earn money. As a newly graduate student, I'm looking for different and alternative ways to earn money. I actually heard about this through Nuffnang and I'm glad I stumbled upon it. For every referral, you get PHP15 and it only starts there. 

From what I've gathered, here are the steps to successfully "Churp":

1.  Sign Up for ChurpChurp!
To take part in any social media campaigns with us, you’d firstly have to Sign up with ChurpChurp today and get ready to  receive tons of exciting social media campaigns!

2.  Log in and select the campaigns that you’d like to share;
Browse through the available campaigns you’d like to take part in from the homepage or Dashboard. There will be all kinds of Social Sharing campaigns from time to time, and the best part is – it’s open to ALL Churpers! Yup, there’s no assignment process. w00ts!

3.  You’ll be redirected to a page where you can Personalize your url.
Social Sharing is all about rewarding you for sharing!  Before you start telling your friends about the awesome campaigns, you need to personalize your URL where it will act as your unqiue ID.  Your rewards will be tracked based on how many of your friends, followers and readers click on your personal URL.
4.  Then once you’ve finalised your URL, click on ‘Start Sharing this!’ to begin!
Check out the brief of the campaign you’d like to participate in and make sure you know what the campaigns are about before start sharing. Remember, you don’t wanna mislead your friends and followers now right?

5.  VoilĂ , you’re on board to share this campaign!

6.  Personalize your message to your friends, followers and readers
In the message box, customize a message to your friends to them what you think about this campaign! Your friends will see this message whenever they click on your personalized URL.
7.  Share it on ANY social media platform!
Now that you have your message, click on your personalised URL and share in on MSN, Facebook, your blog, or whatever social media platform you and your friends are active on!
8.  We’ve also included a complete guideline on the left panel in your dashboard for easier reference! But for more questions, do write in to Helpdesk!

9.  And that’s it!  
Be the first among your peers to get the insights on the latest news, events and sweet deals with Churp Churp.

10. Earnings will be credited after the campaign has ended.  
This is to make sure that all your clicks are legit and that you did not participated in any clicks fraud. Yup! We are concern about this! 
Don’t worry about the the scheduled tweets. It’s still going to be on assignment basis! 
Twice the churp, twice the fun!
So good luck, have fun and be a responsible Churper!

Text from ph.churpchurp.com

I believe they haven't started their first campaign yet and they are about to launch it so come on! Let's sign up and earn while we blog, tweet or share it on Facebook. FYI, this is legit so no worries.

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