Sunday, February 27, 2011

So I decided to change my site name..

Bye bye Make-up, Fashion and Movies and hello to MIAMAZING.

Why the big change? It's because the old blog name is what I do but not who I am. I decided to change it because I want this blog to represent who I am. I'm not going to totally change its content and what I blog about but it will change a bit. I'm trying to change my banner - BF and I are working on it.

Why MIAMAZING? Well, this "name" started back in highschool when my friend, actually backmate, made up this name for me. Thanks to Shari for this who is also a super fashionista and a blogger. 

I'm sooo excited!

By the way, my site's url is just because miamazing is already taken. Haha!!

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