Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Berry Rich (Creme)

As of today, I own 6 Super Lustrous Lipstick from Revlon. I'm super happy with all of them and the newest addition to my collection is Berry Rich. I got this from my Duty Free trip last week. Though they only have a few colors for the Super Lustrous line, I'm happy I got the Berry Rich lipstick. It's a muted red, more like the color or red wine. It's not too loud like my Chanel Gabrielle. It's more wearable and more like an everyday lipstick.

I got it for only $7.50 which is definitely cheaper than retail price. YEY!
This is the lip swatch. Used it yesterday to work. The staying power is strong. The whole afternoon it stayed on my lips and was very happy about it. Although after eating, it fades a bit and leaves an outer lipliner-ish stain. The formula is so creamy that it's not too shiny but very moisturizing.