Sunday, February 6, 2011

Movie Review: Burlesque

Ben and I watched a movie this afternoon and we couldn't decide on which one to watch. I suggested Burlesque and he didn't like it at first but I got to force him so yey! Haha!

Here's a post last August 2010 when the first came out. I had to blog about it because I was really excited! 

My gosh. Cher is still so pretty even when she's older now and Christina is so sexy. Perfect combination. Ben said that the plot was not that nice but I must say the performances, all the glitter and sensuality of this movie is A+. I especially love the last performance - Show Me How You Burlesque!

Here's the official and extended trailer of the movie and some videos from the movie:



  1. hehe. watched this too with the bf this afternoon in Eastwood :p

  2. did he like it? the bf was humming it on our way home haha