Thursday, December 2, 2010


Last month, our family went to Resort's World, our favorite new hang-out and had dinner. We went to this restaurant Ginzadon which was a mix of Japanese and Korean food. I had the most amazing beef brisket which I could eat everyday if I could but it's too expensive. Like 1,000++ expensive but it's so good! Anyway, here's my OOTD and the yummy food! 

Top from Marks & Spencer, Jeans from SM, Longchamp Bag
Gift from my godfather
Dad's ring
Watch from Fossil
Eye make-up for the day
The rice is simply amazing!
Beef brisket, tofu, pork, eel, giant tempura, Korean chicken

This just makes me very very hungry again! Look at the size of those prawns! Hehe. Midnight snack, anyone?


  1. The beef brisket and Koren chicken both look super yummy! :P

  2. yea. actually the Korean chicken is spicy and the flavor is overpowering but i'd still eat it. hehe. the brisket is TDF! :))