Sunday, November 7, 2010

What's In My Closet?

Last week, I was looking through my closet, trying to find a dress I could wear to a wedding next month. It's going to be mid December and I still have nothing to wear. Anyway, I saw this dress and realized that I actually just wore it once.

I wanted to try it on again to see how it fits now that I lost 8 lbs. HAHA. And here's the result!

Dress from Topshop

Wasn't able to wear it with shoes because I was in a hurry. Although I haven't found a dress for the wedding yet, I got to revive this dress. I love it, especially the print and the back!

What do you think? You think I could pull this off? :)


  1. Definitely :D

    This dress is so gorgoues!!! The print is so cute with the eiffel tower and all the other charms! omg I want one now!!! Let me check the topshop site to see if it's still there :)

  2. Thanks for the kind words edwina! It really is a nice dress but I got this from the sale last season here in the ph. Good luck and update me if you find it!

  3. really looks good on you, mia!:) pretty and i think you should wear it often!

  4. Of course you can pull it off, Mia!!! :) Ang ganda ng dress na yan ah!!

    BTW Mia!! are you guys making the Starbucks planners this year?! :) Parang style niyo eh!!

  5. @Fashion Nicotine: Thank you!!! :)

    @Shari: Thanks dear! Nope, sadly mom turned the project down. Hehe. :)