Sunday, November 21, 2010

Because Bon Chon Chicken is Freakin' Awesome

Bloggers who are familiar with Bon Chon has been blogging and tweeting non-stop about Bon Chon, a sort-of fast food restaurant that specializes in their double fried chicken. Since I'm near the area and a big fan of chicken, why not give it a try?

Attempt 1: Friday, lunch time. Went with an office mate to try it out unfortunately, the line was too long and it was hot so fail.

Attempt 2: Same day, different time. Boyfriend went to Makati after work, around 3PM because I really wanted to go there and try their chicken. (Trivia: Boyfriend and I are chicken lovers. When we eat out, we always order chicken, no rice. NOT KIDDING. Protein overload and we love it! One of the reasons why I think we're really meant for each other. Hihi.)

Here's their menu - quite affordable.
We got a table, without even waiting. Some seats were unoccupied so we easily got the best seat. After ordering at the cashier and getting our number (yep, just like a fast-food resto), we only waited for 10-15 minutes and hello chicken!

My sister-in-law actually got to eat there a day before and she told me that they had to wait 40 minutes for their chicken. My guess was they didn't anticipate the customers and had a hard time getting the food out. She was there around 1:30, probably there were still a lot of people.

Anyway, we got medium orders. He got drumsticks with hot and spicy flavor and I got the chicken combo with soy garlic flavor. Both are delicious though the spicy flavor stays in your mouth but (thank God) doesn't have a hot sauce flavor. We don't really order rice so we just compensate for more chicken!

After an hour or more...

Yum yum yum! Nom nom nom! Hands down the best chicken I've ever tasted. Flavor is not too overpowering which means there's no umay factor. If you want to really enjoy this, go for the soy garlic but you're a spicy eater, hot and spicy is also great!

The soy garlic is a bit sweet but not too weird for chicken flavoring. Portions are okay, not too big but they actually serve you a lot so that's alright. Their hot and spicy flavor is not like other fast-food restaurants where they just sprinkle the spicy powder on top and when you eat the inner part, just regular chicken. Every bite is insane.

Here I am, happy, full and contented. :))

Actually, there's still an Attempt 3!

Attempt 3: Since my sister-in-law and I can't stop talking about it, my brother got intrigued and wanted to buy some for dinner. We got there around 8PM and obviously, since it's dinner time, it was packed once again. We decided to just buy and take it home. Surprisingly, when we got home, the chicken was still crispy and it's true what they say... it's friend but not greasy (unlike the double down).

If I were you, I'd storm Ayala Triangle Gardens and buy some Bon Chon chicken. In a perfect world, I'd probably eat lots of Bon Chon chicken, barf because I ate too much (not because I'm on a diet), rest and eat again! HAHA. Seriously, now I know why they love this! It's freakin' yummy!

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