Sunday, October 3, 2010

Perm Lashes at Let's Face It

It was my first time to perm my lashes. I've always wanted to but the salon I usually go to doesn't have perming. They only do extensions. Anyway, the branch I went to is the one in Greenbelt. I called them 10 minutes earlier to ask for their exact location and they were very friendly and accommodating.

When I arrived, they immediately asked what procedure was to be done. I said I wanted to have my lashes permed and they had me signed a waiver. After that, I was immediately escorted inside and there was a bed. Actually, a lot of beds squished together to accommodate a lot of customers. They asked to me take out my contact lenses because I guess that would irritate my eyes during the procedure. FYI, for those who have contact lenses, either wear your eye glasses or bring your own containers and solution because they would only provide you the container.

I got to lie down on my bed and they started doing it. I'm not sure what they used but it was like they taped my lids down, the technician arranged my lashes so they would be equally scattered. After that, which took a while, they put on some nasty smelling substance which I think was supposed to make it curled. She said that I have to wait 20 minutes and then she re-applied it and set it for 20 minutes more. After that, she took out everything and wiped all the excess away. Note that I had to close my eyes the whole time! Probably more than an hour of shut eye. I had my phone and earphones with me so that made the waiting easier.

Right away, you'll see the results. As you can see in the photos below, they are very much curled but I didn't expect it to be that short. I remember that when I used to curl my lashes, they weren't that short. Maybe it's because the curl was so round at the bottom part and that took a lot of the length out. Other than that, I'm happy with the results. On normal days, I wouldn't need to put on mascara because it's so curled. I actually have to buy a new volumizing mascara soon to maximize my permed lashes.

A week after the procedure, it still stayed that way without flaws.

For reference, here's my lashes prior to perming (It's like I have none!)

This procedure is great for girls who are always on the go and perming it for only PHP280 would definitely lessen the time you take to put on make-up and it became easier to put on mascara.

What do you think? Have you tried this procedure lately?


  1. I had my lashes permed at LFI too like 6 years ago and it was pretty good., I just felt uncomfy the whole time and gave the person attending to me a hard time. Haha! But it lasted for about 3 months so it was all good. :) FOTD!!!

  2. How come you never did it again?

    Yea, i agree. 3 months for only 280, that's a pretty good deal.

    I think it was cheaper before, 250, right?

  3. I never did it again because I met and fell in love with the Shu curler. Haha! But I might again, probably one of these days. :P

    Yeah, t'was 250 back then but 30 bucks ain't bad. :)

  4. true. it really is affordable. after my treatment, i saw two other ladies having it done. hehe. :)

  5. Stunning, I love the results!!


  6. @Henar: Thanks! Also, thanks for viewing! :)

  7. Great results! :) I've only permed my lashes once...but it's quite amazing! no more mascara! haha! :)

    ps, thanks for the comment on my blog. I use a Nikon D90 for my photos :)

  8. @priincess: yep! i love it! thanks! :)

    ohh thats the cam i want but its expensive! hehe :)

  9. na try ko na rin po to. meron nman dun sa may the block, they make the eyelashes thicker affordable lang rin

  10. yes! true! but i wish yung curl is not too "round" because it makes your lashes look shorter. :|

  11. i wanna try this soon... my friend was talking about it and i couldn't believe how cheap it is! i think u just convinced me even more...

  12. you should! it's really effective and my lashes are still curled up to now. :)