Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Camera Dilemma

I've been contemplating whether or not I should buy an SLR soon. I'll be graduating soon and that means freedom! I could now go to trips and overnights! Which means more opportunities for beautiful photos! I have my Canon G11 and it's really amazing. I love the pictures and it's very customizable like SLRs but I can't help wanting to have better pictures whenever I go out and that means a semi-professional camera. I don't really know much about cameras but I'm willing to learn, I just don't have the time.

I know people say that to have great photos, we don't need the best camera but let's face it, in a way, we do! So now, I don't know what to get, either a Nikon or a Canon SLR and what model? Of course, I can't afford the most expensive and I'm not in a hurry because I still need to save up for it. I just need some options and suggestions.

Please help me out. Thanks! :)


  1. i think your g11 is a semi-professional camera. i think you just need to learn the right camera settings for your pictures :) plus most ppl who use SLRs use photoshop after to enhance their photos thus making it look perfect :) I like g11 or s90 as they're small compared to SLR. You can bring them anywhere-all the time :) plus you can take "self-shots" w/o looking stupid :D

    haay. this made me miss my 2mo old s90 that got lost/stolen :(

    anywhoo.. with regards to your question.. i'd go with canon:)

  2. it is a semi-professional camera but i think the quality of slrs are still superior. and yes, i agree, i should take the time to learn how to photoshop.

    yea, i read about your camera. so sorry!

    thanks dear!

  3. I agree with excSHOESme. You might wanna practice with your g11 first before getting an SLR.. Play with the settings and figure out what they're for, what they do, etc.. I practiced with my Canon Powershot SX10 IS before I purchased my Nikon D5000.

    As for the brand, I have 2 Canon Digicams and so I opted for a Nikon SLR, for a change lang naman.. But I've also heard a lot of good things about it so there, Nikon nalang binili ko. :) So far, so good. Once you get your SLR, you'll be so hooked with taking pictures of almost everything. Haha! :D

  4. @Honey: My brother actually has the Nikon D5000 and I usually play with that but not all the time because, well, it's his. Hehe! But I've already practiced with that and compared to my G11, I'm really jealous. Haha! Especially this season because I'll be traveling a lot!

    Thanks Honey!

  5. No problem!
    Btw, I'm super jealous with all the lipstick you have. Hahaha!!

  6. @Honey: I never thought anyone would be jealous of my small collection! Hehe :)
    Btw, I heard Canon G12 will be out soon. DOOMSDAY. Haha!