Sunday, August 1, 2010

Haul: Fringe All the Way

Right after cutting my hair and eating dinner, Ben and I went to the bazaar over at Rockwell. Right at the entrance, you'll see Michael Antonio Shoes which I loooove. They were on sale but I didn't see anything I like. I actually went to the bazaar to find some shoes but I ended up buying a bag. You'll see why. There were also a lot of brands which are known for shoes and clothes but nothing really appealed to me except the bag.

Here it is:

Now, I guess you understand why I had to buy the bag. It was love at first sight. Take note, the sale price of this isn't even above 1k. Retail price doesn't also exceed 1k. How cool is that? I only brought enough money to buy one thing so after I saw it, I kind of hesitated because I might see something else which I like even more. I saw some bags which were nice but were too expensive. So, I went back to this store and bought it. There were three colors actually - white, black and tan. I like this one because I can practically match it with anything.

When worn
Stud detail
Fringe detail
Here's what can fit inside the bag. I can fit my wallet, my hair brush, pressed powder, my MAC lipstick, some documents, my camera (which I used) and my Blackberry. I could still stuff in a lot of small stuff which wouldn't ruin the shape of the bag. The length of the bag is also very nice. Not too short, not too long. As you can see, I bought this at Tonic.

I love it. I'm just shy to bring it to school tomorrow because it might look "too much" for school. :)

So, what do you think?


  1. The bag is cute and the color is nice. :P

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  3. that bag is super cute!


  4. @shineyglam: thanks for the comment!

  5. Hey.Nice blog and cute bag.Fringes are making a huge wave these days.

  6. I love it when bags have side pockets on the inside. So convenient, hehe.

  7. @sonia: i agree. I can't wait for the weekend because that's the only time i can use it!

    @maria elizabeth: i agree! i have two phones so this is mega convenient. :)

  8. Fabolous bag!