Friday, July 30, 2010

This is Why Globe Sucks Even More

I haven't updated anything about the current status of my plan with Globe because I've been busy. So did I get the phone? Read to know.

My last update was July 20 when they said that they're going to give me the phone by Friday, July 23. It's already July 30 and I still don't have the phone. Someone from the rewards department called me again and clarified some details regarding my plan. I really don't mind when they will be upgrading my line because I thought I'll be getting the phone in a few days time, so that would be okay. I think it was on a Thursday when she told me details about my plan again. That was the 22st. I asked if the phone will be scheduled to be delivered the following day. They said there was a problem regarding the processing of the application that why it has been delayed.

WHAT THE? Nobody told me that there was a problem with the processing of my application to upgrade my phone. I even had to ask her if it will be delivered. I got really pissed but because she was able to talk to me properly, I agreed to get the phone by Tuesday next week. That would be the 27th, I think. After a few minutes, I realized that it would be unfair if they changed my plan when I still don't have the phone, right? So I called the Globe hotline and told them about my situation.

July 28 came and she called me up again. She said that there was a problem with my plan because they had some kind of technical difficulties. So I asked if I am still enrolled to my old plan which is My Super Plan where I pay 1800 monthly or to the new plan where I am supposed to pay 2500 monthly. I still can't believe it when she said that I HAVE NO PLAN. Imagine that. I've been juggling between two plans, guessing if my plan is the old one or the new one and it turns out that I have no plan. Amazing. And to top that, when I use Globe's services during the duration that I am without a plan, that would be charged ON TOP OF MY BILL. I was dumbfounded. I told them that they had to do something about it because the technicalities that they are dealing with isn't my problem. If they would charge that on top of my bill, that would be outrageous. She called me back after that and told me that I would have to monitor my bill and if I would like to have it removed from what I'm supposed to pay at the end of the month, I would have to consult it with them. Sosyal kayo ha. Ako pa nahirapan.

But before that, I asked again when I could get the phone. She told me that due to the errors and whatnot that they have been faced with, my phone was scheduled to be delivered on August 2. At that point, I wanted to cry. Well, not really. I was just so mad. I told her that the last day I could wait for the phone would be on Friday. Last na talaga yun. I told her that it has been two weeks or more that I have been trying to fight for this phone and it seems that no one from Globe cares. So I tried my best to convey to her about my experience from Globe. She told me that she would have to ask for approval and that she would call me back.

After a few hours, she called and told me that my request for Friday delivery was approved. I was happy. There was confirmation. CONFIRMED. YEY. So today is Friday. I've been waiting in my mom's room who has the best view of the gate in case the courier or someone from Globe will be arriving. It's already 9:08 and still, nothing. I called Globe three times today to ask for feedback regarding the delivery of my phone. Three times. They all apologized and said that they'll be reporting my situation to their supervisors who will email the department who handles these situations. THREE TIMES.

I know I'm not the only Globe customer who calls them and wants a fast feedback. I've tried their hotline and also their online assistance (Chat Assist) but nothing happens. I haven't gotten an e-mail from Globe, no phone call, no nothing.

To Globe: don't you want me to upgrade my plan? Don't you want me to get the phone? If I were Globe, I would take care of my clients, especially me, because I'm a prompt payer and you've never had a problem with me regarding payment for SEVEN years and this is what you do to me? I am seriously considering cutting line or at least voiding the upgrade. You do not deserve PHP2500 from me per month. Seriously. You should even be thankful that I've been this patient with you for almost three weeks. Actually, I don't really remember all the dates that I've called Globe but this is as far as I can remember. I wasn't even given any sort of compensation for the damages or trouble you've caused me. I have no idea why it takes this long to process my application. I thought you were the best service provider even if you also charge at a much higher rate. I got my eyes opened and no action will be made, I'm terminating my account, PERMANENTLY.

Let me end by re-quoting my tweet:
"Globe, I think its time to stop expecting form you because for the past 2 weeks, you've been a failure. Thanks for the service but my patience ends here. Goodbye."


  1. On my. That sucks. I agree though that they should take care of their customers. :(

  2. I know. It sucks because I really want the phone. :( I've been drooling for two weeks. But now, I just lost all interest. Kawawa ang Samsung. Kasalanan ng Globe. Hehe.