Friday, July 30, 2010

Movie List: Sucker Punch

Have you heard of the latest girl power movie? Well, here it is. Sucker Punch.

The main character is no, not Vanessa Hudgens. It's Emily Browning from hmm, I really don't know. I guess she starred in films I didn't watch. Anyway, Blondie is Vanessa Hudgens who is of course from the High School Musical. Next is Sweet Pea who is played by Abbie Cornish. She has starred in A Good Year. She had a small role as someone's daughter. I really can't remember. Next is Rocket. She's played by Jena Malone who has starred in a couple of movies but she's not that memorable if you ask me. Amber is played by Jamie Chung. She just recently played Chi Chi in Dragonball: Evolution. I just checked and it looks like Dragonball will have a part 2. Lastly, we have Carla Gugino who will be playing Madame Gorski. We've already seen her in Race to Witch Mountain where she played the love interest of The Rock.

So I'm not really excited about the cast of this movie but the story seems nice as well as the effects. It's directed by Zack Snyder who also directed Watchmen and 300. As you can see in the posters and trailer, it gives off the same "darkness" and "gloominess" as in 300 and Watchmen. I won't be expecting a lot from this movie but I might give it a try because of the effects and the story line.

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