Thursday, June 24, 2010

Movie Review: Knight and Day

It's my birthday today! And it's holiday today so woohoo! :) No classes and I had all the day to enjoy.

Anyway, met up with boyfie, we watched Knight and Day. We were actually supposed to watch Toy Story 3 but this was its first day so we decided to take the opportunity.

It's a good story actually, a lot of funny bits and not so many boring scenes. There's always action and the tandem is great. Tom Cruise is still living the Mission Impossible role, where he is actually good. Some of the fight scenes were unconventional which makes it interesting. Btw, I think he didn't age that much. Still handsome. Note: watch out for his abs!

Cameron Diaz, is as always, captivating with her beauty and wit. She never fails to deliver the jokes and I am amazed at how she's able to keep up with all the action. Note that even when someone's chasing her, she's still as stunning as ever, whatever she wears or whatever she does. She's still one of my favorite actresses in Hollywood. Note: if Tom shows off his abs in the movie, wait for Cameron's bikini bod!

Here's the poster of the movie
Here they are at the premier of Knight and Day in Spain (Oh gosh, those legs!)

Here are some snapshots from the movie:
Yup, you got it right. Bulls and bridesmaid's dress! Go watch it soon! It's a feel good movie that won't fail to deliver.

Rating: 4.5/10

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