Sunday, June 27, 2010

Haul: Adora/Schutz Shoe Sale

So, my mom and I went to Greenbelt 5 to check out the shoes. Last time they were on sale, my mom got to buy a cute slingback patent flats. Now that they're on sale again, we didn't think twice about going back. We actually needed silver or formal shoes for a wedding we'll be attending next month but unfortunately there weren't any because they were all fancy and casual wear.
The promo: 50-80% off + buy 1 take 1 (where else can you find a promo as awesome as this?)

I love Schutz. It's a Brazilian shoe brand who makes exquisite shoes. I love their high heels and flats!

Anyway, here are the pictures of what I got from the sale:

Yup! I got three pairs and the other three went to mom. Yey! So happy! There's even a four or five inch heels from the sale but mom said I shouldn't get it because it's too high and it's too fancy but if it wasn't that high, she liked it for me. Aww. Wish the heel was a bit thicker so it's more stable. Like this one that I got a few months ago. Even though it's five inches, it has a thick heel that's why it's easy to walk in. But still, I'm happy with the three I got!


  1. ooh nice :)
    I want their booties i see online, especially this one

    do they have nice boots in the store too?

  2. they usually have stilettos only and a couple of flats but it's really cheap. 70 off then buy 1 take one. you should check it out.

    theres also a promo on stella luna shoes.