Thursday, June 17, 2010

Movie Review: The A-Team

Here are some of the official posters of the movie
Here's the poster from the original series:
Hannibal - George Peppard, Face - Dirk Benedict, Murdock - Dwight Schultz, Baracus - Mr. T

I really didn't know that this movie or series (?) was a remake because I've never heard of it before. I googled once again and it looks like it is a series and it ran from 1983-1987. I don't know how and why it ended, tho. Anyway, I'm not planning on watching the old series because I'm not a fan of old movies. Here's another trivia for you, kids. Two of the original cast were in the new one. D. Benedict was a Pensacola prisoner milt, and D. Schutz was one of the German doctors. (Source from imdb)

So here's Hannibal Smith played by Liam Neeson. I saw him last in the movies Clash of the Titans, Chloe and Taken. He's one of my favorite aged actors because he really plays the part well, either drama or action. I think in the old series, he's the one with the cigar, obviously. But in this remake, better cigar and less gray hair.

So here's Face who is played by Bradley Cooper who was last seen in Valentine's Day and The Hangover. I think he played the role well because he's very witty. Not as funny as the others but the wit is what makes him stand out. In the old picture, I think he's the one on the left because that guy is well dressed. In this version, Face is made a bit younger, I guess to compliment the ladies, or more specifically the role played by Jessica Biel.

Mad Murdock is played by Sharlto Copley. If you can remember, he's the main man in the movie District 9. I can't believe that he faked his accent in that movie. I thought he was a local. That is too good. But, it's also possible that he faked his English accent. I really can't tell but it shows that he's really amazing. Plus, he's also funny. I really like his role in the film. The balance of the four dudes is just amazing. He's easy to spot in the old photo, right?

Oooh. Baracus. The mean man in the movie. His name is Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. I'm really not familiar with him so I googled him and saw that he's a mix martial arts actor and also a former UFC title holder. He is just a perfect match to the old Baracus. Even the built and the mohawk is spot on. He's funny and I love how a big guy like him is scared of heights. Amazing irony.

Go and watch the movie while it's still out. You won't regret it.

Rating: 4.5/5



  1. ok so admittedly I can not real a lot at one time lol.. but also admiteddly I remember the original series..albeit very little. It was uber cool and the tv series should rerun but a new movie?!?! not so sure :) love xoxoxox deanna

  2. This movie was so GOOD!! I cannot get over it! DVD purchase for sure when it comes out!

  3. @verseastyle: You should watch it. It's really funny and plot is also nice. You won't regret it.

    @SheWearSheShares: I agree! I watched it with my boyfriend and we were really laughing while watching. The next one I want to watch is Karate Kid and also Toy Story 3. What do you think?

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  5. @excSHOESme:thanks for the tip. I usually go for or :)

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  6. no problem. that is for local 20th century fox releases. there are also other fan pages for the other distributors here in the country.

    thanks :) i also love your entries.

  7. @excSHOESme: thanks a lot!:)