Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My New Buddy: The iPad2

I had the first edition of the iPad six or seven months ago. I loved it but it is kinda heavy and bulky. Sometimes, I would think twice of bringing it with me because it really is heavy but the threat of boredom fears me. I also need a big bag to carry this around.

When the iPad2 was announced, I didn't really wanted to buy it since it's the same thing + camera + less weight + skinnier. Based on that, I already decided that I'm not going to but it. When I saw it online, I knew I was about to eat my words because I just cannot not have it. I check it everyday and even asked my Uncle and Auntie from the States to buy it for me. It was practically sold out and the shipment that would arrive at the Apple store nearest them was about 10-20. One day, they lined up at 3AM (yes, ikr, kakahiya) to buy me and my dad the iPad2. I fell in love with it instantly.



The weight is really what sold me. It's still heavier than my G11 but it doesn't strain my shoulder or arms anymore when carrying it. The design is also sleeker and the screen is so much more vivid! Who wouldn't want that?

The only downside to this is the camera. Don't even dare using this when you have bad lighting because it sucks. It's like an old school phone camera quality but when there's good lighting like natural sunlight, it's good. It has a front and back camera and Facetime is fun! I get to chat with my bestfriend who's living in the States.

The cover that I have is a simple leather case which I bought in Greenhills because I don't like the Smart Cover. I got to see the Smart Cover in person and though it's so cool, it has no protection at the back. The SA from Power Mac told me that if I wanted to protect the back and use the Smart Cover, I could use something like the G-mask to protect it. I asked for other alternatives and there was none. :( So for now, I'm using my leather case and I'm not complaining. 

These are already available at your local Power Mac stores. Do check them out!


  1. love the new I pad!
    Would love to have you as a follower

  2. Adele! I worship her! Isn't she amazing?

  3. @fashiongamble: thanks!
    @anonymous: she is!! i love her to bits.