Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shirt of the Day!

Had a super date yesterday with the BF. We met at around 6 so that would be night time so instead of wearing something happy, bright or floral, i opted to go black. I didn't want to wear a dress because we're just going to watch a movie and hang out so I opted to wear this top I recently got from Zara. I love that it's sheer and so thin though I had to wear something underneath it. I really wanted to get the cream version of this one but I want to look slimmer so I went for black. Not bad. My problem with Zara is it's too pricey. For a simple shirt or top, it would cost you about twice compared to other local stores or from department stores but the quality is the same. Oh well. 

Can't wear heels for the meantime because my ankles are in pain! Something like a sprained ankle - I'll have it checked tomorrow so wish me luck!

Top from Zara, Jeans from Bossini


  1. Love it on you. The shirt looks slimming too! :P

  2. Thanks Pam! I love black shirts now! :)