Tuesday, March 29, 2011

American Apparel Leather Pouch

Was browsing through American Apparel website when I saw this bag. It doesn't look like your ordinary bag and I really didn't like it at first. I thought it was too simple and ordinary. But after a while, I couldn't shut down the idea of letting that bag go. I felt like I had to have it. Drool. My Aunt from the States is coming home next week but I'm shy to ask her to buy it for me since she already bought an iPad2 for me. She was in line for the iPad2 and she lines up at 2 in the morning. KAKAHIYA.

Anyway, I'm thinking of having it shipped here through Johnny Air. Since I don't want to use my extension credit card, I might use Johnny Air's credit card but there will be a $25 additional charge. What to do? I need to save up because I don't think I'll be settling for just one.

What do you think?

Photos grabbed from American Apparel website

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