Monday, January 24, 2011

New Zara Bag (Gift)

My cousin's wife sent me a package today along with other stuff for my parents and I was really surprised with what she sent me. I instantly fell in love.
It's a navy blue shoulder bag which is so versatile and I could use it in almost any outfit. I could pair it with heels or Converse shoes. I also love the metal buckle in front.
It's very roomy inside and could fit my giant wallet and other essentials. The only drawback is the strap isn't adjustable.
Old Navy Top - Marks & Spencer Cardigan - Jeans from SM - Bag from Zara (gift)

I love my Old Navy top! I love the contrast of the colors!

Have a nice Monday! :)


  1. That's a pretty bag you have there. Anyway about the straps you can have it fixed sa mr. Quickie :)

  2. The bag is really nice and can easily be matched with almost any outfit. :P

  3. i love the color and the buckle of that bag! ;) So happy for you! your cousin's wife knows how to shop well ;)

  4. @charry: yea but i think if I use it as a messenger style bag, it would be perfect. thanks for the tip!

    @pammy: true! i loooove it! :)

    @hazel: very true! i think she knows my style. hehe :)

    Thanks guys for dropping by :)