Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gifts from Singapore

I got pasalubongs from my parents who just got back from a business trip from Singapore. I love shopping there more than anywhere else because they always have sales and the people there are very friendly and accommodating. I got a bit jealous when I knew that they were going back there. Hehe. My mom texted me what I wanted from Singapore and told her to buy some flats for me. Although her taste is a bit mommy-ish, she knows what I want and I love her for that.

She got me some corporate-ish but still fancy flats from Clarks. We love Clarks! Some of the designs from Clarks are truly old fashioned but sometimes they come up with great styles that are very "useable". These shoes are so sturdy. I had these Clarks shoes before and they are truly wonderful. Super soft on your feet and I could walk in these everyday.

This is what my mom got for me:

Not only that, she also got me a cool cardigan-ish from Marks and Spencer because they were still on sale and that is my mom's favorite store!

Paired it with my favorite black heels
Paired it with my new black flats
My mom did not only include that, she also bought me authentic Jade earrings which could hopefully bring me goodluck and wealth. Thanks mom!

She bought it at Madame Butterfly
Really happy with my parents' pasalubong and I can't wait to go back to Singapore!

Have a happy Sunday and keep smiling :)

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