Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Space-Saver Shoe Organizer

I don't know if it's obvious but I definitely have an affair with shoes. Now that I don't need my bulky table..
It doesn't look like that everyday.. just cleaning up. Haha
because I have this cute and function table..
I could definitely rearrange my room to make it more functional. My mom bought this Interlocking Shoe Organizer and since I wasn't doing anything yesterday, I decided to assemble it.

Here's what you'll see inside the box.
It would just take you about an hour++ if you'll just concentrate on doing the shoe organizer but since I was multi-tasking, it took me two days to finish this. Once you know how to do it, it's easy breezy.

Here's the final product:

Amazing. I never thought I'd be able to do it. Haha.
It doesn't just look cute and zen but it also is very functional and also a space saver. You can actually fit two pairs in one compartment.  LOOK!

Here's the sliding cover

If your shoes are too bulky, you can just pin it up.

If you have tall shoes and doesn't want to deform it, you can just pin the slider up.

The transformation..
Here it is, one pair only.

Put down the sliding cover..

Ta dah! Two pairs!

More shoes..

I still have no idea where to put this because my room is still crammed.

Would you buy this? How do you store your shoes? :)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. That is really a nice shoe organizer. Space-saver indeed! :P

    I have a shoe organizer under my bed. :D

  2. @Pam: nice! but I kind of want to see my shoes. Hehe. :) piiiicsss :)

  3. This shoe organizer is so awesome!!!!! I'd love to have one in my room! Right now, my shoes are all over the house... some in their boxes behind the door... some even in the basement, it's so ridiculous :S

  4. NICE!!!! I wanna buy one too... But useless kase I'm leaving na din soon.. Anyway, great buy!! :)

  5. i loved it!!! where did you bought this

  6. @edwina: Hehe! Me too! I have this corner in my room where I used to pile up my shoes. haha!!

    @honey: awww, please don't stop blogging :)

    !rhaindropz: not sure. i just saw it the other day, forgot to ask my mom where she bought it.

  7. I need this in my life. Please let me know where you got it, and how much :)

  8. it's a bit pricey for a shoe rack but the quality is superb. mom got it from S&R. she can't remember the exact price but it's around 3,500. hope that helps ;)