Friday, December 10, 2010

Something New: Online Coupon Mania

Who doesn't love online shopping? At a point, we all became addicted. Thanks to and my boyfriend, I got acquainted to online coupon shopping. They call it Groupon, I call it Coupon Mania! It's probably the best deals you'll ever get.

First, go to their websites. Then, check out their Deal of the Day. Buy if you want, share if you want referral bonus! Purchase either through credit card, bank deposit or G-cash (for some), print coupon and enjoy!

I suggest you sign up for the daily updates. I got to join around 13 sites and I'm enjoying this everyday. I can't wait to open my computer everyday just to check out their deals. Believe me, these deals are not just 10% deals. These are 45-90% deals! How cool is that?

My first purchase was suggested by my boyfriend. He loves buffets and who could resist the Spiral Buffet? They are offering 45% off on their buffets. Take note, all deals are NET already unless stated otherwise. That is just amazing. It was offered by and I got to pay through G-cash. Other companies have the bank deposit option for those who don't have credit cards (like me!).

A few minutes ago, I saw Ensogo's deal and they are offering PHP99 massages! How amazing is that! I cannot contain myself! Haha! This is probably the best way to enjoy restaurants, spas and other shops without spending too much.

Here's the list of sites I joined and hopefully you will too! Leave a comment if you're going to REGISTER and buy so I could score some referral points! Hehe :)


PRESYONG PATOK - This is not actually up yet but I think they'll be launching soon!
 DEAL GROCER - This has no deals yet.

GROUPIE - This one has no offers yet.

You might be skeptical about the payment options. This one looks legit to me and they do have support teams. I actually like the fact that they have bank deposit options and G-cash for some.

What do you think?

NOTE: Not a paid advertisement.

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