Monday, December 13, 2010


Good news! This is officially my last day of school! Though I still have papers to submit, I won't be going back to school anytime soon. Now, I have the freedom to explore the world one city at a time! I've always loved to travel, see the world and of course take pictures! Cameras nowadays are getting smaller and smaller and how cool is it to have a cellphone that has 8 megapixels? It's almost as good as my Canon G11!
It comes in Mahogany Brown, Charcoal Black and Frosty Metal.
I adore the Brown and Black ones!
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Lately, I've been planning to replace my phone and I noticed that Nokia has been releasing touch phones which are not only priced well but also very functional and stylish! The Nokia C7 is my first choice and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

I love that it's already AMOLED. I've had experiences with AMOLED phones and they're really fun to use! What I like about this is I can watch my TV series while traveling or hanging out at the beach because it has a 3.5-inch screen. One more thing I like this is about the thread-type message. It's just one of the best features in this phone. It also has the one-by-one function so you can use whichever suits you the most.

I'm not techie but I guess I know when I see a good phone and the Nokia C7 is one of them! It has hardware keys which are amazing and the customizable displays is important because we all have different uses for our phones.

What's also cool about this phone is it's already integrated with Facebook and Twitter - two of my favorite sites! No need to bring your heavy and bulky laptop with you just to check or update your status on Twitter! It has also integrated contacts list which is too good to be true.

Maps, maps, maps! Here in Manila, it's very easy to get lost especially during busy hours. This phone is already enabled with maps for navigation so getting lost is already a thing of the past. 

Lastly, it fits in my pocket. No quirky designs and bumps on this phone. It's a simple yet powerful tool I think we all need to have. It's customizable, easy to use and very functional. It's what we all need that's why I wish that I get this for Christmas! 

Have a good one! :)


  1. hey. you might want to check out this online shop that sells gadgets much less than SRP :)

  2. ohhhh. thanks. apple products are cheap nga! hehe :) thanksss :)

  3. Ooh interesting! I'm on the market for a new touch-screen phone and haven't really considered anything from Nokia (sorta lost faith in the brand years ago). But now I wanna check this out!

    To answer your question, I used an old Nikon D40 to take the photos in my last post.(:

  4. @bestie: True! I've tried different brands na rin like Sony, Samsung and BB but this looks good and for the price, sulit na! :)