Friday, August 6, 2010

Shoe Problem

This may seem petty buy I really can't decide. I'm a fan of House Of High Heels for quite some time now and I just can't get enough of their shoes though I haven't bought any yet. They have size 10 which is fabulous. From their latest collection, I saw two styles that I really like and I can't decide which one to get in case I buy one.

This is the first choice from House of High Heels. (PHP2800)This definitely looks like the Bow Tie heels from Chanel, just like the one from Sea of Shoes. If I get this, I need to have impeccable toe nails. Hehe :)
Photo from Sea of Shoes

Here's the second option, also from the House of High Heels. (PHP2800)

This is too cute to pass up. I could wear it with cropped pants, skirt or shorts. So cute and even the color is adorable.
The two pictures have been on my desktop for too long, I have to blog about it. I love that the two are platforms which makes it easier for me. I can't decide. HELP!


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