Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why Globe Telecom Sucks Big Time

Just for reference, I've been with globe for more than 7 years.

Have you heard the new promo from Globe where you can get the new Samsung Galaxy S i9000? Here's one of the reviews where the promo was also mentioned.

"They offer the Samsung Galaxy S exclusively until end of the month and you can get it free on Plan 2499 (til July 31), after that, you’ll only get it free on Plan 3799. Prepaid kit is Php32k."

So, I immediately called Globe to verify if this is true. True enough, they have the promo but they said that it's only available for new subscribers. Since my 2-year contract with Globe already expired, I asked if I could just upgrade my account to the same plan to avail of the phone. The representative from Globe kept on saying that he can't do anything about it since that is the only possible way to get the phone. I asked him that if I cut my line now, will I be able to get the phone if I apply for a new line. The guy said that I can. I just found it illogical. They'll make me cut my line, apply for a new one and get the phone? WHAT? You just want me to change my number? How irrational.

To Globe subscribers: don't you think that's unfair for those who have been with Globe for 7 years already? I've been religiously paying monthly bills for 7 years and now, it seems that they are putting more importance to new subscribers compared to the old ones? 7 years. That's 84 months, 84 bills sent to my billing address, 84 times I have paid bills and now they won't let me upgrade my plan to get the phone? This is so ironic. I'm already UPGRADING my plan to get the phone and they still won't let me? I got infuriated because I am already willing to increase my monthly bill to 2499 from 1800 and they still won't give me the phone?

Anyway, I went to Shang last Saturday to actually watch a movie but that didn't push through because of time constraints. So, I decided to try my luck again and go to the Globe center in Shang. I got to talk to a sales representative. I told him about my plan to upgrade and he told me that the best thing that he could do is to endorse my account to the rewards/loyalty department. That sounded fair, maybe they could make an exception. It was a Saturday and he told me to wait up to 3 working days for a call from the rewards department.

Monday came and I called Globe for a follow up, maybe they have answers already. After maybe 2 or 3 hours, someone from the rewards department called me and said that it is already approved that I can upgrade my plan to their new My Fully Loaded Plan 2499 and to get the free phone. However, they still need my mom's approval since my mom is the account holder. So, I told her to call me by 5pm so I could go to my mom's office. 5PM came and there was no call. So, I again called the hotline to ask if maybe the sales representatives from the hotline could process it instead of the lady I got to talk to from the rewards department. They said yes as they are fully capable of handling such changes.

So, my mom came home around 10-11PM and I called Globe again. I got pretty excited because I will be able to finalize all the requirements needed for the promo and I could get it after three working days (that would be this Thursday). This is where the major problem begins.

I got to talk to the lady who was supposed to help me with my plan. I explained to her my arrangement with the rewards department but she kept on saying that I could only get the Samsung i900. Hello? Where the hell did that come from? Who said anything about i900? I kept repeating to her that I am not after the rewards since I got out of my 2-year contract. I am after the upgrade so I could get the Samsung i9000 Galaxy S. We kept going on for around 15 minutes and she kept on saying that she understands but the only handset available that I could get is the Samsung i900. I wanted to throw my Blackberry because I am already frustrated with Globe. First, they tell me that I can't get the phone. Then they'll tell me that its for approval. Then, they said they'll approve. Then, it's not available? It's amazing how well organized they are.

It doesn't end there.

I got to calm myself after maybe 15 minutes. I called again and hopefully some other service representative from Globe could understand me. So, after a few explanations, he got it. He was able to retrieve the conversation between me and the lady from the rewards department. So I though everything was set. I was about to hand my mom the phone when he said that they are NOT AUTHORIZED TO MAKE CHANGES REGARDING THIS AND THAT SOMEONE FROM THE REWARDS DEPARTMENT HAS TO CALL ME WITHIN 3 DAYS. Are you f-in kidding me? So since it was late and I had class the next day, I let it go.

The next day, my class ended around 1. On my way home, I called Globe again, which by the way takes forever to answer, and got to talk to a sales representative. He also got confused with the lock-up reward Samsung i900 and the plan upgrade so I could get the Samsung i9000. After a gruesome tedious explanation of my situation once again, he got it and again reconfirmed that I just have to call the hotline and that they are AGAIN, fully capable of processing the change with my plan.

On my way to my mom's office, my brother called me up and told me that I have to pick up my nephew because it's already 3PM. So, I just asked my brother to call Globe since he is with my mom so it could already be processes and so I could also get the new phone by Friday. My brother got to call Globe, he gave them the reference number I gave him and they told my brother that WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE CALL FROM THE REWARDS DEPARTMENT WITHIN 3-5 WORKING DAYS. Are you f-in kidding me, AGAIN?

So, I called Globe, again. They now transferred me to the loyalty group, which is apparently different from the rewards group. They are now telling me that the handset is still subject to availability. WHAT? YOU HAVE A NEW PROMO AND THERE IS NO AVAILABLE HANDSET? Now, I just want to cry. They also told me to wait for the call from the rewards department. I told the guy that I cannot wait any longer. I'm not being a brat here, I just think I've spent too much time explaining myself over and over again and what do I get? NOTHING. I told him that I want the rewards group to call me before 6PM because that's when they get off at work. He said that he can't promise me that since he would still have to forward it. So what he did is he shortened the waiting period to 24 hours. I still think it's a bit too much but what can I do?

Now, I'm still waiting for the call from the rewards group.

The ultimatum: no phone by Friday, bye bye Globe. I think other networks are more than willing to accept a prompt payer like myself, right?

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