Sunday, July 4, 2010

Who Would Have Thought?

I know I was maarte back when I was growing up, I look at old photos and usually laugh at them because I usually made poses like a model and always loved the camera. I was browsing through old photo albums and guess what I saw? The same pair of espadrilles I wore when I was little and a new pair I just bought recently. How cool is that?

It's even the same color and the same white detail in front. I still can't believe it.

Link to the blog post about my new espadrilles


  1. heiiiiiiii :) i've seen that! :D

  2. yup yup! :) they're cute! you should get one too! they're affordable pa!

  3. That's the thing with fashion...things always come back in style :-)

  4. I agree! What a revelation! :)