Wednesday, July 21, 2010

NYX Round Lipsticks Swatches

So I finally gave in to the NYX Round Lipsticks. I got Fig, Femme and Spellbound. I got my loot from GetSophisticated. Compared to other suppliers, as of this week, she has the most stock of colors although the nudes are already out of stock. I think she'll have new stocks by mid-August. Anyway, here are the swatches and some pictures:
Skin swatch
Femme on my lips
Fig on my lips
Spell Bound on my lips

So far, my favorite is Fig. It's definitely MLBB. I could use this everyday, not get tired of the color and also not be too attention grabbing. I can't wait for my next NYX haul! Most probably next week I'll get three more!

  • Creamiest lipstick I've tried, even creamier than MAC!
  • Cheap, cheap, cheap
  • Even though it's cheap, it can deliver!
  • So many colors to choose from!
  • Moisturizing, no doubt. It doesn't dry my lips compared to the Revlon ColorBurst
  • In a way, it's hard to take out
  • It doesn't stay that long on my lips
  • Not available in the Philippines
Overall, I will definitely buy more colors! I can't wait.

What do you think?


  1. thanks for the swatches, very helpful :)
    I have 8 of the 144 shades and 6 on the way :) i just love them :)

  2. @Dyna: you're welcome! would love to see your collection and swatches! :)