Friday, July 23, 2010

Make-up Storage @ Home

I promsied ProjectVanity that I would show her how I store my make-up. So here's a picture of my make up. I got the white soft boxes from Dimensione. One pack comes with four soft boxes, you'll see in the pictures later.
Here, I store all my lipsticks along with my liners and foundation. Sometimes, I usually take my foundations or tinted moisturizer with me whenever I do my make-up in the car or wherever. These are all the lipsticks/lipglosses that I have. Some are from Revlon, NYX, MAC, The Face Shop and Clinique. I also use Nivea's lip balm. That Paul & Joe lipstick-looking tube is actually an eye primer. I just put it there because its the same size as my lipsticks.
I used the bigger box for all my face and eye makeup and most of my palettes. This consists of eye palettes and lip palettes. It's easier to see them this way because I can just get them outright without having to dig for them. That's why the palettes are upright, not lying down. Here's how they look like. The two other boxes are full of perfumes, nail polish, etc. So, what do I usually store in my make-up kit which I usually bring with me everyday? Of course, my blush from Chanel, my pressed powder from YSL, a lipstick, a gloss and sometimes my foundation from Revlon. There are also instances where I bring some pencils. It really depends on my make-up for the day.



  1. LOVE IT! I love the faux white wicker baskets! Wait are they faux, or are they really made of straw? Lol. Love your makeup toooo!

  2. Those storage baskets are really cute! :P

  3. @Liz: they are weaved but faux. They're very versatile and washable too. So, no worries if ever there are spills. But, I also envy your boxes because it has a base. :)

    @Pammy: thanks! :) just realized how much stuff i have and im not able to use them all! :))

  4. wow! you have such cute storage boxes.

    re: payless - i don't know where in rockwell they will be opening. hahaha. i just saw them mention rockwell in the papers

  5. @lloyda: thanks for checking my blog :)

    oh, okay. lets just hope it opens soon!! :) thanks again! :)

  6. I love seeing posts on how others store their makeup and beauty bits and pieces. These boxes are so cute!

    Your blog is so sweet, I love makeup, fashion and movies too! I've followed you back. Thank you so much for following me and entering my giveaway =) Good luck!

  7. @'chelle: thanks for following my site. yes, they are indeed cute and very versatile and also water resistant. :)

    hope to see more of your posts :)