Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shiseido's Maquillage Lip Palette

Closed photo

Opened, with brush

From the Maquillage collection of Shiseido
Back label

This was a gift to me from a relative. After opening the box I actually didn't know what brand it was until I saw the back label. I was shocked to know that it's from Shiseido!

What I like about this:
  1. It comes with a lip brush that open on two sides with different tips
  2. It's a palette where some are glittery and some are glossy
  3. 4 different shades and finishes to choose from
What I don't like about this:
  1. I'm not really a glitter lover when it comes to lips so the last two shades, I don't use
  2. Between the remaining two, I usually just use the one on the far left because it's somewhat a mixture of a gloss and a balm for me
So, actually it's just a waste of space in my make-up bag which I bring everyday, wherever I go. I only use one shade. I actually tried to look for a replacement but I couldn't find any. Will try to look for some this or next weekend so I could replace this one.


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