Sunday, June 20, 2010

Haul: Mango

I went to Rockwell this morning because I had to accompany my nephew to his class. While he has there I had an hour of spare time. I heard a few days back that Mango will be on sale and I didn't hesitate. I went there right after dropping him off to his class. Since it was only around 12:15 in the afternoon, not so many people were there. I had the chance to look at almost everything since it wasn't really crowded. There weren't even any lines at the cashier. Here's what I got:
Pocket detail
Shoulder detail
Another green shirt with sequins
Shoulder detail

I know it's weird to buy two green shirts. The second one was supposed to be in white but when I saw the dark green one, I knew it would be slimming. Haha.


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